Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Possible HomeRun Milestones in 2011

Using their career HRs/At-Bat ratio coupled with other Criterion I have concluded that these players are capable of hitting a Milestone for HRs. Most of these players are in Round Numbers, with the exception being Alex Rodriguez, where 630 will tie Ken Griffey Junior for 5th All-Time. I am also predicting when they will hit their Milestone based on certain pacing Criteria such as their average games played. Also Adrian Beltre has yet to Sign so I do not know where he will hit his 300th.

Team HR At Bats HR/AB Next Milestone

Alex Rodriguez Yankees 613 8826 14.40 630

Magglio Ordonez Tigers 289 6649 23.01 300

Aramis Ramirez Cubs 289 5728 19.82 300

Pat Burrell Giants 285 5320 18.667 300

Carlos Beltran Mets 280 6247 22.31 300

Adrian Beltre
278 6874 24.73 300

Mark Teixeira Yankees 275 4624 16.81 300

Guestimate of Date Opponent that day(Home/Away)
Alex Rodriguez 15-Jun Tex(H)
Magglio Ordonez 19-Jun Col(A)
Aramis Ramirez 12-Jun PHI(A)
Pat Burrell 28-Jun CHC(A)
Carlos Beltran 6-Sep FLA(A)
Adrian Beltre TBD
Mark Teixeira 3-Aug CHW(A)

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